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Volume Full Set


Refill 2-3 weeks


1.5 hrs

1 hr

Extension Removal


Lash Lift + Tint


1 hr

30 min

Mega Refill


1.5 hr

* Prices are Tax Included.

Mega Volume Full set


2 - 2.5 hrs

What Are Lash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are fluffy strands of hairs that are individually attached to your natural lash to create more length and fullness. 

What is the Difference Between Classic and Volume Lash Extensions?

Classic involves attaching one single extension per natural lash, which tend to be thicker and heavier than volume, but result in a more simpler "mascara" look.

Volume extensions involve creating a bouquet or "fan" of more than one extension, often 2-8 strands of hair, which will be applied on each natural lash. 

Eyelash Extensions Montreal
Lash Lift Montreal

Which One Should I Choose?
Classic or Volume?

It depends on your desired look and the strength of your natural lashes:

If you have weak or few natural lashes, choose Volume because the strands are lighter and fluffier than Classic lashes (contrary to common belief). You can choose a simple natural look or maximum fullness using Volume extensions. 

If you have stronger lashes, choose classic for a simple mascara look, or volume if you like a dark lash line and extra oomph.

Who Should Not Get Lash Extensions?

Are Lash Extensions Safe?

  • Constant Eye Rubber

  • Damaged lashes with gaps

  • Sleeping on your face or rubbing on pillows

  • Mascara lovers

  • Conjuctivitis or has eye infection

  • Trichotillomania (pulling lashes off)

When correctly applied by a certified professional, lash extensions can be safely worn for years on end with no damage to the natural lash. 

A trained professional respects the strength of the natural lash and can handle products correctly and safely. 

Damage may occur when an untrained person does not respect the strength of the natural lash, hence overloading the lashes with excessive weight and causing them to fall off. Or they could use excessive amount of adhesive, causing lashes to stick together and cause damage when some lashes pull others as they try to grow out. 

Eyelash Extensions Montreal
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