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Lash Lift Montreal
Microblading Montreal
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Nadine - Microblading Artist Montreal

Nadine is a meticulous Microblading artist skilled

in the most natural, hyper-realistic PMU technique.


She listens attentively to her clients goals as she strives to create the highest quality results, customized to every client’s bone structure and personal taste.

Also a Volume Lash extensions trainer, Nadine empowers her students with the proper skills and mindset to become successful and talented self-employed lash artists in Montreal.

Nadine - Microblading Artist Montreal


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Enhance your natural beauty without overpowering it

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Eyelash Extensions Montreal
Volume Training Montreal
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Book the best natural microblading service in montreal. specialized in blonde hair, red head, brunettes, colour matching permanent makeup in nuns island. thin hair strokes are tattooed on the eyebrows to add volume and create a fluffy yet defined femininte shape. eyelash extensions are meant to feel light and airy on your eyes, not weight them down. Can I get volume lashes if i have weak eyelashes? Yes! Russian Volume was created to add more quantity on women with sparse or weak lashes and is actualy lighter in weight and healthier than classic lashes. who is a good candidate for lash lifts? woman with long and strong natural lashes can have a lift and tint performed every 6 weeks. 

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